EPC Turnkey Contractors

EPC Turnkey Contractors

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The full turnkey construction contract  also referred to as "EPC" (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) offers full guarantee of efficiency in the implementation of the project with minimal intervention on the investor’s side. Responsibility is centralized in Weather Controlling Solutions Pvt Limited’s hands and do not expose investors to risk inherent to contracts with equipment suppliers and site services providers.

The EPC contract guarantees compensation for delays in project completion and also assumes full responsibility for overall project cost and performances as defined in the Contract.The single point of control over for the total plant design and project management provided by the EPC contract greatly favours the homogeneity of the plant concept as well as of equipment and materials in general.

The Turnkey EPC Contracts can be applied for the construction of industrial plants in any of the main Sectors of Activities where Weather Controlling Solutions Pvt Limited offers its services in various commercial and industrial sectors.